Dr. Fukaya's Skin Repair Lotion

It is recommended to use twice a day. If you prefer to use just once a day it will still work. The lotion feels slimy at first, but then quickly absorbs into your skin, and goes smooth.
If your skin feels dry after applying the lotion alone, you can use any other skincare products of your choice.

For Dr. Fukaya's Skin Repair Lotion N (no additives), once the bottle is opened, please keep it refrigerated and use as soon as possible.

If you are a topical steroids user, you can apply the lotion either before or after topical steroids. It effectively prevents the side effects caused by topical or oral steroids.

Dr. Fukaya's Clofibrate Ointment

It is recommended to apply twice a day. If you feel you would like to apply more or less, you can change the amount and frequency. It can be used individually or together with Dr Fukaya’s skin repair lotion.